What others have to say…

“Sally has really helped us all gain confidence! Our Romanian rescue, Sugar, is coping much better with other dogs, and is enjoying time ‘off lead’ now – something we thought would never happen! A lot of it is down to the calm and assured advice from Sally, which gave us that confidence we needed as rescue dog owners.”

“Sally at know your dog has been absolutely amazing with helping our Labrador Barley. Barley became reactive around dogs during lockdown and we reached out to Sally for help. Sally has been so understanding of our situation and builds individually tailored guidance for us to follow. Sally really takes the time to understand the dogs behaviour and why they are reacting in certain ways. Sally also takes time to understand how I’m feeling too and helps us to be more positive even when we feel we’ve had setbacks. Sally goes above and beyond to help and always makes sure we feel supported. Our dog has made fantastic progress and he is gaining confidence by the day. Sally has given me a better understanding of my dog and I am grateful everyday to see a happier version of Barley.”

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Sally who has helped us to understand our nervous spaniel, Peggy. Sally is warm and friendly, and we instantly took to her. She worked with us slowly and gave us all the guidance we needed to understand where Peggy’s fear of traffic came from, not just to try and ‘fix’ her. Peggy is coming on leaps and bounds with her new training routine and she is the happiest we have ever known her. We cannot recommend Sally enough and look forward to our next session!”

“Sally is an absolutely brilliant dog behaviourist and coach. I would strongly recommend her positive and holistic training style and services at Know Your Dog to owners with a new or ‘tricky’ dog, but also to anyone who wants a greater understanding of their dog’s behaviour and psychology. Her insights have been fascinating! We’ve met Sally for three in-person sessions and have received further excellent advice via emails. She is incredibly knowledgable and cleverly tailors advice to your dog. She is calm, compassionate, and clear in her demonstrations and communications, both in person and following each session, where she quickly provides further info and support. Her handout sheets and emails are an amazing resource. Most importantly, her training style and advice really works! Our one year old working spaniel’s general behaviour has massively improved since working with Sally and his recall and lead are now excellent, with other bits in progress. We are already looking forward to our next session.”

“I am a Certified Animal Behaviourist with over 10 years experience in the local area. Getting the right professional to support you and your dog can be difficult but is also vital in getting best outcomes. There are only a handful of professionals locally I feel comfortable collaborating with and referring to, and Sally is one of them. She has a wonderful combination of knowledge, empathy and real compassion for both dog and owner. She understands the real emotional need that lies behind behavioural challenges and offers the highest level of support to help owners navigate through a process. I do not hesitate in recommending Sally and the services she offers.” – Andrew Hale, BSc C.A.B, Dog Centred Care, Train Positive

“Sally is a passionate, understanding and caring behaviourist. Her knowledge is first class and the support she provides is tailored to every case to ensure it is realistic for both owner and dog. I cannot recommend Know Your Dog highly enough!”

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how we have been getting on since you came….the difference in her has been amazing, much less reactive and she seems happier. I walked her with Mum yesterday and she couldn’t believe the difference….I wanted to let you know what a fabulous difference you have made for her.”

“Sally gave us such insight as to what Buds was experiencing and how he viewed the world. This has made training and bonding so much clearer and on terms that respect him and his needs. He’s a chilled, happy and fulfilled chap and that’s thanks to Sally”

“We have had two visits now from Sally and have seen a massive improvement in the areas we asked for help with. Would highly recommend Know your dog behaviour and training with Sally. She is really helpful and is at the end of the phone if you need training tips or advice. Thank you Sally”

“Sally was super friendly and clearly very knowledgeable. My dog Ella picked up the training techniques really quickly in the sessions and I feel I got exactly what we needed out of the class”

“As a professional dog groomer, I come into contact with dogs and their owners on a daily basis. Quite often clients will express concern about their dog’s behaviours either at home, out on a walk or reactivity with other dogs and want to seek help from a trainer/ behaviourist to help tackle any of these issues. Without hesitation I will always recommend Sally 100%! Having known Sally for many years, I know her deep passion for animals, and I think the results she gets from working with people’s pets speak for themselves.”

“The way Sally helps with dogs is amazing! She’s empathic and seems to speak their language. :)”

“Sally is very friendly, approachable and more importantly very knowledgeable in dog behaviour, great at explaining different scenarios from the dogs point of view. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone in need of a dog behaviourist”

“Sally is not only very professional but also friendly and approachable. She is very knowledgeable and you could not ask for a better trainer for your dog”

“Sally has a great knowledge and understanding for dogs, her methods are positive reinforcement, with links back to canine behaviour. She is professional but with a friendly manner making sessions, informative but also fun.”

“Sally possesses all of the skills you could possibly hope for when looking for a trainer. She is calm, compassionate, hugely knowledgeable and patient.”

“Myself and my nervous and timid cavapoo Nellie recently attended one of Sally’s courses. Even after the first week, I noticed a difference in Nellie’s behaviour. Sally’s advice has been so helpful and has helped me to realise what is going on in Nellie’s world and how to help her deal with her fears and anxieties. Sally’s explanation of things made it really easy to understand and she ensured Nellie felt comfortable in the presence of the other dogs in the class.

I would highly recommend Sally – so would Nellie”

“Sally is a best-in-class trainer with positive methods and noticeable outcomes. We have a really complex case with two foreign rescue puppies that have all kinds of issues. Sally is well-read, adaptive and creative in her approach and has delivered results for us. If you’ve had a bad experience with another Trainer or you’re looking for someone who you can trust, build a relationship with & genuinely help your furry friend; Sally is your answer”

“Sally was quick to respond to my initial email and has acted professionally and clear in all her instructions during our sessions and correspondence.
I came to Sally as I was struggling with my 15 month old puppy who has become extremely nervous and reactive with others dogs. Sally has helped us to relax more on walks and tailored her tips to our situation and preferences. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Massive credit to Sally.
I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs a helping hand with their dogs behaviour. The cost is well worth the support she provides.”