My name is Sally, I am a Certified Canine & Animal Behaviourist. I first became interested in dog behaviour when adopting my boy sitting with me in the photo above. He is a very special dog, and a hand-rear. He was left out with the rubbish at less than a day old, so did not have his mum. I wanted to know as much as I could about his behaviour, his emotions, his choices – I owed that to him. I am a little bit addicted to learning about dog psychology, genetic influence, health, communication…so this took me down the path that I followed to lead me to where I am today. I have been very lucky to work alongside, and do still work alongside, some of the best professionals in the area.

I hold a Level 5 Diploma in Canine Behaviour, as well as further qualifications in Canine Communication, Canine Anxiety, Canine Fear, Training, and Canine Health and Nutrition. I am always reading, researching, and studying so that I can always offer approaches based on the latest studies and findings. I use a holistic approach (where we consider ‘the whole dog’ and all factors in thier life: see page ‘what is a holistic approach?’ where I explain the importance of this).

I am a member of the Association of INTODogs and am covered by the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter – meaning that I have been assessed by, and am supported by a reputable organisation. I am also a member of the International Companion Animal Network.

Myth busting: dominance, pack hierarchy, needing to be the ‘alpha’ – all of that has been debunked by science! I only use methods led by the latest science, and therefore, at no point do aversive techniques appear in my support plans or behaviour modification training. I offer a caring approach based on mutual respect between dog and guardian, trust, and empathy. I do not use force, cause pain, or fear. My aim is to enhance the bond between dog and guardian (you’re a team, after all) to create a greater sense of fulfillment for everyone.

I aim to support you to coach your dog emotionally when needed, rather than punish and suppress unwanted behaviours. I also want to help you understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way, what that behaviour is communicating, and what needs may be behind this.

The risks of punishment: when we punish and suppress behaviour using aversive or punitive methods, or by submersing dogs in environments they aren’t comfortable in until the behaviour ‘stops’, we don’t solve the emotional issues behind the behaviour. That emotion is still there, and will appear in a different capacity – often, one that is worse than the original concern. Punishment and suppression are ineffective and do not have a place in modern day methods – I have never had to resort to using harsh methods with any of the dogs displaying aggressive behaviours that I have helped to rehabilitate, and never will.

I cover Exeter, Exminster, Starcross, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Torbay, Paignton, and surrounding areas.

Fully insured and canine first aid trained.